Corona Virus Info

Corona Virus Info

Corona Virus Update
Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

Hi All

During these worrying times with this Corona Virus. We thought we had better inform you that we are STILL open for Business. Neither of us are displaying any symtoms currently. So be assured all deliveries will continue to be posted out as soon as we physically can.

We are taking extra measures during this time to ensure we limit any possibility of contamination of the packaging. And we are using the minimum amount to ensure the products arrive to you in a perfect state.

As things change with Government advice we will follow as required to ensure all of our customers can be supplied with the products they need. We currently have a good supply of stock, so should be in a good position moving forward.

Whilst many of the fairs and festivals are being cancelled and postponed. Rest assured as soon as we can attend events locally across the Midlands we will…. but from current advice that may be a little while away.

Please continue to stay safe & well and hope to see you all again very soon, when this will become a distant memory.

Can I also please ask that you support the smaller companies that this will impact the most as much as you can.

Very Best Wishes


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