About IT’s Cruelty Free

What IT’s Cruelty Free stands for:

Prior to setting up our company IT’s Cruelty Free. we had a list of requirements that we wanted all the Skin Care, Body Care & Hair Care products to be covered by.

They are as follows:

  • HAVE TO BE be Cruelty Free
  • MUST be 100% Vegan
  • ARE produced in the UK.


  • They MUST NOT contain Palm Oil – as the production of this product has decimated many parts of the world. Palm oil is mainly produced in Africa, Asia & South America. With the highest percentage coming from Indonesia and Malaysia. Child labour is still active here too. Not to mention the deforestation of huge swathes of land to produce this. It is damaging the eco-systems along with the destruction of habitats for animals such as Orangutans.
  • They MUST NOT contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) or Parabens as these cause many people issues, plus there are natural alternatives to these products.
  • They MUST NOT contain harmful chemicals, such as Alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol, denatured alcohol) which can damage and dry out skin.
  • They MUST NOT contain Plastic Micro-beads as these are currently being found in the stomachs of fish, turtles most other marine life…. but more worryingly now have been found inside humans too…
  • They MUST NOT contain any GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients as the long term effects of using these products is still unknown.

So, with these requirements we searched around for suppliers that would fit into our wish list. Which led us first to PHB Ethical Beauty, who not only fulfil this list they surpass it. Since then we have found I am Natural, Friendly Soaps, Pure nuff Stuff & Raw Passion all who produce really good products that work.

We will continue to search out other products for us to offer to you. But this is a tough criteria to meet. For which I make no apologies.

We use Eco-friendly packaging that can be fully recycled, also the product packaging is also recyclable.

IT’s Cruelty Free are now members of the Vegan Traders Union. For more information check out the website here

Vegan Trader Union Membership