Conditioner – Scalp Rescue

Conditioner - Scalp Rescue

Conditioner – Scalp Rescue


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Product Description

Conditioner – Scalp Rescue:

This Conditioner – Scalp Rescue from I am Natural helps to keeping your scalp in tip top condition. This thick and creamy organic scalp rescue conditoner has been carefully created with 100% pure essential oils. It helps clear up itchy, flaky scalp conditions aswell as fungal infections that can be the cause of dandruff. It stimulates and nourishes the whole scalp, encouraging the growth of healthy skin and hair. The longer you leave it on, before washing out, the better it treats the scalp too.

It is also safe for children and works to repels nits.

For best results use exclusively for at least two weeks after first washing with the Shampoo – Scalp Rescue.

For normal, itchy flaky scalps and dandruff.

250ml Recyclable Plastic Bottle

aqua (water), cetrimonium chloride (conditioning agent), cetearyl alcohol, (vegetable emulsifier), cetearyl glucoside (vegetable emulsifiers), glycerin (veggie glycerin), olea europeae (certified organic olive oil), melaleuca alternifolia (certified organic tea tree essential oil), cetyl alcohol (vegetable stabiliser), inulin (biodegradable extract from chicory), melia azadirata (certified organic neem oil), theobroma cacao (certified organic cooca butter),certified organic apple cider vinegar, citrus sinensis (certified organic orange essential oil), rosmarinarus officinalis (certified organic rosemary essential oil), ocimum basilicum (certified organic basil essential oil), mentha piperita (certified organic peppermint essential oil), pogostemon cablin (certified organic patchouli essential oil).

I am Natural make organic skin care and natural beauty products suitable for men, women and children. Every cream is carefully made by hand using the finest natural & organic ingredients.
They refuse to use:
• chemical preservatives (e.g parabens)
• synthetic fragrances or colourings
• sodium lauryl/eth sulphate
• petrochemicals
• lanolin
• essential oils from unsustainable sources
I am Natural love the beautiful aroma of 100% organic pure essential oils and combine them with antioxidants in their natural preservative system.
All their vegetable oils are cold pressed and sourced from suppliers certified organic by the Soil Association. They never heat the oils in production to ensure they retain vital raw nutrients such as omega fatty acids and vitamins.
Only the best ingredients are used in all I am Natural products and follow a strict criteria:
eco-friendly & ethical production
• Everything is made by hand in small batches.
• They do not use ingredients from unrenewable sources e.g petroleum products.
• Recycled, eco-friendly and energy efficient products are used throughout production e.g Suma recycled paper etc.
• All organic waste is composted & packaging is recycled.
• All bottles and jars are recyclable.
• All labelling is kept to the statuatory minimum to save paper.
• Whenever possible they choose local businesses for our business needs e.g printers
• I am Natural is an ethical business with the Co-operative Bank, so when you buy their products your money will never fund the arms trade or animal tests etc.


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